Welcome to new investigator Dr Jo Ferrie

Sociologist Dr Jo Ferrie has joined the Euan MacDonald Centre team.

Jo FerrieWe are thrilled to welcome our newest Principal Investigator, Dr Jo Ferrie.

Jo is a sociologist working in the field of disability studies at the University of Glasgow. This discipline assumes that disability is caused by a discriminatory society (for example buildings without lifts and ramps are built for the able bodied and exclude others) and research aims to challenge such barriers where they exist. They can be environmental, as in the example given, structural (as in the rules made by institutions that disadvantage disabled people unnecessarily) or attitudinal.

Jo is also hugely influenced by Human Rights, which argues that we should expect a minimum level of care and support, and works closely with the Scottish Human Rights Commission to actualise rights for people who have them threatened.

These approaches informed a 3-year study into living with MND (2013) funded by MND Scotland. You can read the Executive Summary on the MND Scotland website or download the full report here: Living with MND report (PDF, 1MB).

Jo teaches in research methods. She is Director of Glasgow Q-Step, a £3 million centre funded by Glasgow, HEFCE, ESRC and Nuffield to produce a step-change in quantitative literacy for social science students. She is also Associate Director of the Scottish Graduate School based at the University of Edinburgh.

We look forward to hearing more from Jo at our regular Principal Investigator meetings, and to bringing a sociological angle to Euan MacDonald Centre research.

Link to Jo’s Principal Investigator profile