Our newest member: social scientist Prof Louise Locock

Professor Louise Locock is the newly appointed Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Aberdeen: welcome to the Euan MacDonald Centre!

Louise is a social scientist specialising in qualitative research, with interests in personal and family member experiences of health and illness, patient and public involvement and NHS quality improvement using patient experience evidence.

Before taking up this new post in Aberdeen she was Director of Applied Research at the Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford.

Louise has a long-standing interest in MND and you can read about her UK-wide research on the Healthtalk website. This work was funded by the MND Association and the National Institutes for Health Research (NIHR).

Louise has published on the effect of receiving a diagnosis of MND; people’s attitudes towards MND peer support and the sharing of personal experiences; and metaphorical language and emotion in people’s accounts of living with the condition. She is hoping to conduct new research into the experiences of people and family members living with inherited forms of MND.

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