Mark Bastin, a physicist by training, is interested in the brain’s wiring, termed white matter, which is affected in many diseases including MND. He uses diffusion MRI, which measures how water molecules diffuse in the brain, to investigate the structure and integrity of white matter.

Dr Mark Bastin

Reader in Medical Imaging

Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences

I am a medical imaging physicist specializing in MRI methods for investigating the health of the brain’s white matter. White matter plays the crucial role of linking different cortical (grey matter) regions together, and is affected in a number of diseases including MND. White matter imaging techniques that I have developed in the SFC Brain Imaging Research Centre include diffusion tensor and magnetization transfer MRI, which provide biomarkers to measure the integrity and topology of white matter tracts in vivo. Application of these imaging techniques to MND may not only provide insights into the pathophysiology of this disease, but also test the efficacy of new treatments, such as those derived from human stem cell research.

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