I specialise in the interaction between motor and cognitive function in neurology.

Dr Thomas Bak


School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

My main area of interest is in cognitive and behavioural neurology. My research focuses on cognitive changes in MND, with a particular emphasis on speech and language, from the production of individual sounds and letters, to the processing of complex abstract concepts. It also includes the development and optimisation of communication aids for MND patients.

I love to bring together different people, different points of view, different methodologies, and different disciplines. I have been trained in neurology and psychiatry, but also work with psychologists, linguists, speech and language therapists, nurses, computer scientists, and others. This bringing together of people and topics led me to develop a cognitive and motor screening test for MND, and to initiate the Speak: Unique project.

Full profile: http://www.ppls.ed.ac.uk/people/thomas-bak

Recent Articles:

“Impact of Bilingualism on Cognitive Outcome After Stroke”

“Speaking a Second Language Delays Dementia”

Email: thomas.bak@ed.ac.uk

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