Why does the body's immune system promote tumour growth in the brain? We use transparent zebrafish larvae to observe the interactions between microglia and brain tumour cells to try to understand this unexplained phenomenon.

Dr Dirk Sieger

Principal Investigator
Centre for Neuroregeneration

Email: dirk.sieger@ed.ac.uk

The lab is mainly interested in the interactions of residential brain macrophages (microglia) and brain tumours. Microglia are attracted towards tumours, but have the unexpected effect of promoting tumour growth. Optically transparent zebrafish larvae allow us to study the interactions of microglia and brain tumours for the first time in vivo. In particular, the opportunity to image cellular interactions at high temporal and spatial resolution in vivo combined with the possibility to interfere genetically and pharmacologically make the zebrafish an ideal model for our research.

Full Profile: http://www.cnr.ed.ac.uk/Research/sieger.html