Dr David Lyons

BBSRC David Phillips Fellow
Centre for Neuroregeneration

Email: david.lyons@ed.ac.uk

I am a neurobiologist with a background in developmental biology and the genetics of nervous system formation and function. My group uses zebrafish as a laboratory model organism. Zebrafish are a useful system because the early development of their nervous system is strikingly similar to that of higher vertebrates. They also provide the capability to observe cell behaviour at high resolution and understand gene function in the intact living animal, which is very difficult in other laboratory systems. As part of our work, we are particularly interested in the mechanisms that regulate the transport of factors along nerve cell processes, which is crucial for normal nervous system function, and is disrupted in numerous neurodegenerative diseases, including motor neurone disease.

Full Profile: http://www.cnr.ed.ac.uk/Research/lyons.html