Dr Gillian Hunter

Department of Life Sciences
School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University

email: Gillian.Hunter@gcu.ac.uk

I am a geneticist with a background in molecular biology and neuroscience. My lab is focussed on investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration. We have a specific interest in the childhood motor neurone disease, spinal muscular atrophy. Particularly, we aim to further understanding of the cellular pathways that contribute to pathology in all organs affected by spinal muscular atrophy. We hope that an improved understanding of the underlying biology will be of translational potential in the search for a treatment for this currently incurable disease.

Full profile: www.gcu.ac.uk/hls/staff/gillianhunter/

Dr George Gorrie

NHS Consultant Neurologist
Institute of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow

I am a consultant clinical neurologist who has an interest in MND. I help provide clinical diagnostic, therapeutic and multidisciplinary support services for patients who have this condition in the West of Scotland. As such I am driven to the development of a better understanding and treatment of this cruel disorder. I have a keen interest in the role of single gene disorders, mechanisms of aging and protein misfolding and their contribution to the pathology of MND.

Dr Tara Spires-Jones

Reader and Chancellor’s Fellow
Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems

Email: tara.spires-jones@ed.ac.uk

My group investigates the causes of cognitive decline in neurodegenerative diseases and ageing.   We hypothesize that the degeneration of synapses, the connections between neuronal cells in the brain, causes cognitive impairment and that targeting the causes of synaptic degeneration will allow recovery of cognitive function.  The lab uses high-resolution imaging of transgenic models and human brain tissue to probe the mechanisms of disease progression with the aim of finding pathways to target with drugs.

Full Profile: http://www.ccns.ed.ac.uk/People/Academic/spires-jones.html

and http://www.research.ed.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/tara-spiresjones(156485bd-f27c-4f1f-afef-1b5984a86813).html